Management of all the functions through PLC and touch screen graphic panel. The machines are equipped with two upper and two lower brushes and placed in a full stainless steel zone. The dimensions of the inlet section are in accordance with the size of the machine. The washing is executed by means of centrifugal pump equipped with filters and stainless steel decanting tank for water recycling. Possibility of connecting the last rinsing section directly to the demineralizer. The four blowers are fed by a high pressure and soundproof fan whose dimension is in accordance with the model of the machine. Emergency button for blocking all moving parts. Electronically control speed from 2 to 5 Mt./min.
EASY TOUCH SYSTEM control panel that allows the operator to control the working process, to regulate the times and control the single operation of each component. Control circuits which are in contact with the operator are in security low voltage with bright panel on board machine. Protection against access to the dangerous parts of the machine according to EU norms.

Recommend the feed water of the washing machine having the following characteristics:

Conductivity less than 10 uS (microsiemens)
Total hardness less than 5 ° F (French degrees)
Salt content less than 5 mg / L
Chloride less than 5 mg / L
Iron less than 0.05 ppm
Turbidity less than 0.5 ftou

If the water values are higher than our advice, the final result of glass cleaning can be compromised. If necessary, on request, we can provide the equipment for water cleaning.

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